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10 important pages for every Blog

This is a beginners guide in which we are going to share with you the 10 most important pages for blog which are a must for every blog site. If you have started recently to blog or want to start then you should check these guidelines. If you haven’t created those pages for blog then you should read the entire blog carefully.

Some pages for blog are quite important for every website. You would know about the About us, Contact us pages. But apart from these, we are going to tell you about some more important pages for blog. Before going in depth let us tell you about these different pages of your post.

Post pages for blog is for article sharing whereas, page blog is for sharing useful information with the users. With this, you can give information about the site without affecting the new updates. You can update on both WordPress and BlogSpot with this.

The 10 required pages discussed here if available on your site will give benefit by helping you with search engines and user experience.

important pages for blog

1- About Page

This page tells the readers about your website. This page is found in most of the websites and is very important. You can configure “About Us” page according to your use and need. You can also add “About Me” if you are working single on your website.

You should also make one “About Us” page and write about your mission, purpose, goals, business, values, target etc.

2- Contact Page

This page is very important for your readers, advertisers and business partners. The page should be simple and easy to navigate. If someone wants to contact you then it shouldn’t take long to process.

The Contact us page gives the user, information about the site owner. If someone wants to talk to you personally then they shouldn’t make comments publically.

3- Privacy Policy Page For Blog

This page for blog tells the user about the data collected by your site like user information, age, sex etc. and how the third party uses that information.

If you are not collecting any data but using Google Analytics and Google Adsense then you will have to use privacy policy page on your blogs.

4- Disclaimer Page For Blog

If you are making money online by blogging then you will have to provide information about it in the disclaimer page.

For example, if you are using banner advertisement on your site and using affiliate programs to promote products then you will have to use the disclaimer about how your site’s content has been monetized.

5- Terms of Service Page For Blog

If you are running some online store and you are providing services on your blog then you should also provide terms and services page on your blog. It is a legal document with which it becomes easy to get professional help in need.

There are many online automatic generators for this but we would suggest you build it manually. This provides help in case of misuse of your site. This tells the user about how they can use your site.

6- Product and Service Pages For Blog

If you are using platforms like WooCommerce then these generate automatic product page. If you don’t use these platforms then you can do this manually by adding product and services page on your site.

If you are using affiliate marketing then you should make one page for product and services. This is not mandatory but it is good practice.

7- Custom 404 pages For Blog

Modern WordPress and blogger themes already have default “error 404 “ page. This is for page not found. When you delete some post or page from your blog then this error shows up.

If this feature is not found in your blog’s theme then you can customize it yourself manually for your readers.

8- Archives Page

WordPress automatically Categorises, Tags, Date and create archives based on that. But this is certainly not user-friendly. It is somewhat difficult to find useful information in this case. You should configure it manually so that users can find the relevant information easily.

In WordPress, you can create one simple page and then can enable archive template in it.

9- Advertise Page

Many bloggers use Google Adsense as well as a direct advertisement on their blogs. Some blogger use google adsense alternatives for your website. For this, they allow ads on the blank spaces of their page. The advertisers contact them and can use the blank spaces. Thus, promoting their products and the bloggers can make more money.

If you also want to make use of this, then you should also create advertiser page in your blogs citing how advertisers can contact you. If you want, then, you can also directly post about the charges on this page.

10- Write for Us Page

Blogs are for sharing information with the world. But, if you can’t write regularly and you want to share new information regularly then you can enable multi-author service on your site.

You can do it by making “write for us” or “write for me” page and can invite new talents. There would be many people who share your goals or want to earn money. This would give them chance to do it. It would benefit both of you.

So, you can make these 10 important pages for blog and enhance user experience and also earn more money in doing so. If you want to make your blog more useful and know more ways to enhance it, you can share that information with us and our readers by commenting in the comment section.

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