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5 quick tips for a high score in IBPS RRB Office Assistant Mains Exam 2017 | MUST READ

5 quick tips for a high score in IBPS RRB Office Assistant Mains Exam 2017

These quick tips will help you score well in IBPS RRB Office Assistant Mains Exam 2017.

The IBPS RRB Office Assistant Mains Exam will be held on November 12. It can be a nerve-racking time for even the most industrious student as the fight is going to be difficult this year because of the lesser number of vacancies declared by the board. One really needs to make vigorous efforts to make it in the exam this year.

Students, while you prepare for these examinations, you should not overlook the fact that stressing about your preparations or the examination will do no good at all. You should always follow a rule that says, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

So, instead of getting worried about what is negative or not so favorable, you should always look on the bright side in an optimistic way and see only the favorable aspects of it. Your best bet at this time, when only five days are remaining for the examination, would be to make the best use of the knowledge that you have acquired through all these months of preparation.

Here are a few important points that you need to focus on during these last five days of your preparations:

1.    Revise all the topics that you are excellent at. Sort the important topics into a checklist and settle on how each and every point is to be revised before appearing for the examination. It will help you focus your learning, and during the examination, you won’t go, “Gee! I was so good at this topic. I could have done better had I revised it well.”

2.    Avoid picking up with a new or a topic that you are not so good at as, by doing that in the last days of your preparations, you will be doing nothing but juggling frogs. So, stick to what can help you bag the best of the scores in this examination.

3.    Too much pressure and anxiety can make you feel blue and may also get you overly worried about your performance at the examination. The key is to put these nerves to positive use. Try to face the situation with a strong willpower rather than avoiding it or escaping from it. And yes, the most important of all is that you do not have to let this fear or anxiety to overpower you. Stay positive and put on a brave face.

4.    Practice is the only key to success. It actually plays a very important role in your preparations. It can be your breakaway strategy and your true path to your very own authentic success or the lack thereof. Try focusing on full-length mocks instead of attempting the topic wise quizzes in the last few days of your preparations.

5.    Give special importance to the accuracy with which you attempt the examination. You need to keep the accuracy percentage to a minimum of 95 per cent. If it is lesser than that, work on it till you do not get it mended.

If you keep your faith, your trust, the right attitude, and if you’re grateful, you’ll see new doors of opportunities and success opening up on their own.

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