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Best SEO services to improve keyword research in google 2018

Everyone wants SEO services to improve Website rank in google search engine. Here we are providing some tools for bloggers, Online marketers, Website owners, content writers and other small and medium business owners to rank their websites #1. These tools are also useful in doing Keyword Research, Competition Research, Rank Tracking and Link Building. Everybody wants that their content should rank on top and they can generate huge traffic, but without these tools, it is quite difficult.

SEO Tools are quite useful in this. You can get many SEO tools but only some of them can help you rank in google top search. Here we are providing a list of top free/paid SEO Tools. You can learn a bit about Search Engine Optimization which will be quite helpful in ranking your website on top.

1- SEMrush

Semrush improve website Rank in google

Price: Freemium

Use: Keyword planning and Competition Research

SEMrush is a tool for competitor research. You can research with 20 different ways on your competitor. If you want to move ahead of your competitors then this tools is of great help. You can find out the best backlinks, best content, best keywords, paid traffic, PPC and many other details.

Monthly plan starts at $99 but you can use 14 days free trial with the help of promo code.

2- Ahrefs

ahref improve website Rank in google

Price: Freemium

Use: Keyword Research

Ahrefs is one of the best SEO tools. It is used by thousands of bloggers, small business owners to improve their site ranking. Here you can find keyword search value, SERP overview, position history, related keyword ideas and many other useful features.

The monthly pricing starts at $99. But you can use the $99 and $179 plan for a trial period of 7 days for only $7.

3- Seobility

seobility improve website Rank in google

Price: Free/ Paid

Use: SEO Audit

This tool is used for knowing whether your website’s SEO optimization is good, average or poor. It has got 4 major features.

  1. SEO Check: For checking the website’s SEO and SEO optimization tips.
  2. SEO Comparison: For comparing the SEO of web pages.
  3. Keyword check: For checking the target keywords.
  4. Rank Check: For checking the page ranking of different keywords.

With the help of these features, you can check the competitor’s website. You can use this tool for free and paid plan.

Seobility offers Basic, Premium and Agency plans. The basic plan is free, Premium plan is available for 30 days free trial and agency plan is available for €149.90.

4- SEOptimer

seoptimizer improve website Rank in google

Price: Free

Use: Keyword Research, Website Review and Audit

When we talk about the free SEO tools then this tool is the first choice. This tool reviews your website and tells your weak points. You can get page metrics, off page metrics, backlink profiles, Domain  Authority(DA), Moz metrics, keyword usage, user experiences like mobile responsiveness and page loading speed.

This is a free tool for which you don’t have to pay anything.

5- Long Tail Pro

long tail pro improve website Rank in google

Price: Freemium

Use: Keyword Research

Long Tail Pro is used for target keyword and other keywords to rank in Google. You can also find the competitor’s keyword score, keyword profitability, competitor’s keywords suggestions, AdWords data.

The monthly plan starts with $25, but you can sign up for a free trial of 7 days.

6- Open Site Explorer

open site explorer improve website Rank in google

Price: Free/ Paid

Use: Researching backlinks and finding link-building opportunities

Open Site Explorer is used for checking the visibility of backlinks, domain authority, building backlinks, google penalize, SEO metrics, search engine visibility.

You can use this tool for free for checking 3 times daily.

7- Google Keyword Planner

google keyword planner for improve website Rank in google

Price: Free

Use: Keyword Research and analysis

Google Keyword Planner is a major part of the Ad words advertising program. You can analyse keywords as well as keyword search values. If you are a blogger then you know about this because this is the largest tool of keyword planning.

8- Majestic

majestic for improve website Rank in google

Price: Free/ Paid

Use: Keyword Research

Majestic is a search engine and backlink checker tool which is used for comparing your website with your competitor’s. This is helpful for tracking SEO, business opportunities and social media marketing.

Monthly plan starts at $49 but you can get limited services for a free sign up.

9- Xenu or Xenu’s Link Sleuth

xenu for improve website Rank in google

Price: Free

Use: Broken Link Finder

Xenu is the best tool for finding out the broken links. You can find out your site’s dead links and broken links.

This tool is totally free of cost with which you can find out any website’s broken link.

10- Screaming Frog

screamingfrog for improve website Rank in google

Price: Free/ Paid

Use: Competition Research

This is an SEO spider tool which can be used on windows, MAC and Linux. This is used for auditing website image, CSS, JavaScript. This tool is also used for finding broken links, analysing page title and Metadata, reviewing metadata, meta robots, discovering duplicate pages, auditing hreflag attributes, generating XML sitemap etc.

The monthly charge is £149 per year but you can use its free version to crawl maximum 500 URLs.

It is not that difficult to rank #1 in Google search with the help of correct SEO tools. You can research keywords, do competitor’s research and by building backlinks you can generate organic traffic to your website. If you know any more useful tools then feel free to tell us about them in the comment section.



Updated: 2018-03-31 — 6:28 PM

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