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10 Blogging Advice to Become A Successful Blogger – 2018 Edition

It is quite easy to start blogging, but it’s quite difficult to become a successful blogger. Blogging is an art and to become a successful blogger takes quite hard work as well as smart work.  Here we are going to discuss with you top 10 blogging advice about how to become a successful blogger.

There are many sites which shared with you tips and tricks to become a successful blogger, but, here we are discussing advice which will certainly make you successful in the long run if you follow them correctly.

"How To Become A Successful Blogger -10 Pro Blogging Advice"

If you want to become a professional blogger and earn lots of money by becoming a successful blogger then you would have to focus on some important issues.

The blogging advice and recommendations shared here are not only for new bloggers but they are also for matured bloggers who are unable to get success till now. After following these you will get to the next level.

Every blogger wants to become successful and earn money and respect in their respective fields but only some become a successful blogger and most fail in their pursuit. If you really want to become a successful blogger then read the article carefully.

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How To Become A Successful Blogger -10 Pro Blogging Advice

1- Decide where you want to blog, at home or at the office

We know that blogging is your passion but if you want to become a successful blogger then, first of all, decide your blogging place. If you work on a full-time job then it is better to blog from home.

Many blogs from cyber cafes or from the office but, this is not serious blogging. You have to work according to schedule.

If you own your own office space then it is of no doubt that it is the most beneficial environment for blogging with all the equipment needed and not much disturbance.

But, if you blog from home then there are some things to consider. First-of-all, your environment should be like the office. You should have a special room where no one is going to disturb you. If you don’t have a separate room then at least you should have a special place to sit properly and blog from there. Family members, children, and uninvited guests should not be able to disturb you at that time.

2- Reduce Unwanted things from your life

Professional life and family life is quite different. Don’t try to mix it. When you are working then the environment should be according to it.

Remove all the unwanted things from your room that are used by your family. Your place should be like the office.

For example, you want to make your website SEO friendly like that your room should be work-friendly.

3- Leave your smart-phone to become a successful blogger

To become a successful blogger you will have to leave your smart-phone behind.

Smart-phones are a great time-waster and it disturbs you during your time of concentration.

One simple call ring or notifications breaks your concentration. So, for better content writing switch-off your smart-phone or at least put your smart-phone on do-not-disturb.

4- Give your eyes some rest

When your work is just looking at the computer/laptop screen then it is critical to give some rest to your eyes. The eyes can become dry continuously looking at the computer screen.

This makes your eyes go inside the sockets and it becomes quite difficult to fully open them in sunlight.

You can reduce this problem by using eye drops. But, the best thing is blinking more while looking at the screen and use cool water to relax them.

5- Take timely breaks

It is true that you have to work hard day-night, but it is also true that you have a life outside blogging world.

You are not just a blogger but you have many roles like a husband, student, father, son, brother etc. Your family is dependent on you. Your life and time are valuable so take timely breaks from your work.

The best thing about taking breaks is that it makes your mind clutter free and rejuvenated. This will make you more creative and focused.

It is also beneficial from health’s point of view.

6- Proper lighting at work-place

Long time exposure to excessive brightness can seriously hurt your eyes and mind as well. Set your computer screen brightness on medium level. Don’t use extra light bulbs in the room. If possible work in natural light. Leave your windows or doors open for natural light.

7- Keep yourself refreshed

To keep your mind sharp and refreshed do some physical activities in between. Go for a walk or play with children, spent some time with family.This will keep blood flowing in the limbs and brain.

Apart from these for new blogging ideas join blogger meetups, blogging events, workshop, networking events.

8- Write and Keep Notes

We get many ideas during the day and forget about them. It is quite a good practice to write the ideas as they come. Keep pen and paper handy or if not possible keep notes in smart-phones.

It is necessary to keep your ideas and plans in black and white to become a successful blogger.

You can become more creative and attractive by keeping notes.

9- Ignore Haters

Whatever the level of your work, some people will always hate your work and post nasty comments about yourself. They will try to stop you from becoming successful by trolling you. Nowadays this has become a common problem.

Some of them will be your competitors and they do not like seeing you become successful. Some are only born to hate others. If you will take their words seriously then your life can become hell.

One thing we want to make clear that there will always people who will support you. So be with them and ignore haters.

10- Do not waste time on social media

We all use social media to check messages and read posts. But, some people take that to the extreme.

To become a professional and successful blogger you will have to cut time on social media. We are not saying to quit social media completely but you should definitely reduce your time on them.

Here we told you about “How To Become A Successful Blogger“. You can bookmark our blogs and can get many updates which will help you become more successful. If you know more such advice please share with us in our comment section below.

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