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What Is Google Adwords? How Does Google Adwords work?

Many new bloggers don’t know about the Google Adwords. After reading this post you will become familiar with What is Google Adwords and how does Google Adwords work?

What Is Google Adwords?

“Adwords” is Google’s online advertising service where advertisers pay money and Google adwords helps it to reach its niche customers. Thus, Google Adwords helps in growing the business and also make money to the bloggers in return for advertisement.

The special thing about Google Adwords is that you have to pay money only when the visitor takes action on your business ad, interacting with each other such as click on the website or call.

You can do advertisement according to your budget on the Google Adwords. The type of ads which you can show on Google Adwords we are going to see below. Google earns money through Adwords which is like blogger earning money through Adsense.

1 What Is Google Adwords How Does Google Adwords work

How Does Google Adwords work?

The special thing about Adwords is that you can show ads to your target audience. There are lots of things in Adwords through which you can reach the right people by your ads. Google can advertise on Adwords by search Ads, Display Ads, Video Ads, APP Ads and Shopping Ads.

What Is Google Adwords How Does Google Adwords work 2

Types and Information about the Google Adwords network

Google Adwords has given way to reach the ad through every user. Whether someone is searching for something on Google, using the mobile app or just watching videos on YouTube.

You can show your business ads to the niche users by running a campaign through Adwords.

Let’s see what the types of the campaign in Google Adwords ads are.

A- Search Ads

These ads appear on the Google search engine. Here you have to pay per click cost to Google.

You have to choose a keyword and when anyone searches that keyword in Google, and then Google ads shows your ad to that user in search results. By this process, Google Adwords helps your website get more visitors.

You can also give your business phone number, you will be charged only when the visitor calls you or visits your website.

What Is Google Adwords How Does Google Adwords work 3

In the upper image, Ad written before the results are the shown by Google Adwords. The results which come after those results are the organic results.

In the image given below, you will be able to see the call result.

What Is Google Adwords How Does Google Adwords work 4

On Google results, which ad will take which position is based on a ranking system. The things that are considered to rank by AdWords are keywords, bid, landing page quality etc.

You can also do the special campaign in addition to standard campaign on Google Adwords. Some examples are Dynamic calls, call to business ads, mobile app promotion ads.

Let us know about the Campaign’s Special campaign features.

1- Dynamic Ads

This is a great feature of Adwords. Suppose your company gives service to “Hotel online booking.” Now anyone has searched “Book hotel in Goa”, Google will automatically generate headline (will prepare) this about the keyword and will be displayed in “Book hotel in Goa” results. If the user will click on that Ads then, they will be directed to the page of your website “book hotel in Goa”. But, for this you must have “Goa hotels page” on your site then only Google Adword will show this result.

2- Call Only Ads

By Call only Ads campaign of Google Adwords, instead of going to your site page, a call will be directed to your business phone number when the visitor clicks on the ad. If this campaign is run by an ambulance service then there will be a phone call which is better than going to the site and booking a service.

3- Mobile App Promotion

By this dynamic campaign of the Google Adwords, you can promote your mobile app and increase its download. This is done by search, Display and on YouTube.

Call only Ads is available only in search Ads at the above-mentioned campaign. Others can be run on the special campaign, search, display and video ads network.

 B- Display Ads

Display ads are used by millions of websites and mobile apps. With the help of this campaign of Google Adwords, you can promote your website/business and gain new customers.

You have seen ads banner, text ads in between the contents or at the sidebar, those are known as Display Ads.

What Is Google Adwords How Does Google Adwords work 5

People who use Adsense on their website, the ads are shown by Adwords on their website. Display ads can also be shown in the mobile app. You can also give your business ad on a specific (appropriate) mobile app. Apart from this, display ads can also be shown on Gmail.

In these ads, you select keywords and ads are displayed on related websites. Like a company wants to advertise fairness cream, then that cream’s ad will be displayed on any beauty tips blog. Or if you want to show ads to old visitors then you can do that too by Google Adsense. It is done by the user’s search history.

C- Video Ads

The special feature of video ads of Google Adwords is that you have to pay only when the user watches the video.

You don’t have to pay money for those users not interested in your business.

You must have watched ads on YouTube before the start of the video. Those are called Video ads by Google Adwords.

What Is Google Adwords How Does Google Adwords work 6

Video ads can be shown on YouTube as well as on Google partner sites. It can be also shown in Apps.

Video apps have been categorized like Stream Ads, discovery ads, bumper ads by Google Adword.

1- Stream Ads

The stream ads have the option of skipping after 5 seconds. You have to pay only when the user watches the video for 30 seconds. Again, if the user clicks on the link given in the video, then you have to pay.

2- Discovery Ads

The only thumbnail is shown in this format of the Google Adword. When someone clicks on the thumbnail then money is charged. This type of ad is found on the YouTube search Page, home page and on the related YouTube videos.

3- Bumper Ads

There is no skip option available in this ad format of Google Adword. It is a short video which companies use to build brand awareness. It is based on cost per impressions (CPM). You have to pay only after 1000 impressions.

D- Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads are very good for retailers. This is a great way to get traffic to your product site. And there is more potential for buying product. Thus, Google Adwords increases your revenue.

Here text is shown along with product’s picture, price, store name etc.

You can see the shopping ads in the image below.

What Is Google Adwords How Does Google Adwords work 7

If you have to run these ads for your product then you will have to create an account in Google Merchant Center and then link the account with Google Adwords.

E- Universal App Campaign

Mobile apps are promoted by Google Adwords by the Universal App Campaign.

The ads are shown in the search result, Play store, display network and YouTube. It is a nice way to increase mobile downloads of your app.

What Is Google Adwords How Does Google Adwords work 8

Here Google Adwords has given campaign types, like app install or some action in the app. You have to pay according to the action.

Benefits of Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a very intelligent method for business owners to increase the awareness of their brand or product.

  • Traffic is targeted. The ads are shown only to the interested persons.
  • Google Adwords uses Geotargeting. You can show your ads locally or globally according to your need.
  • Google Adwords allows you to choose the time at which ads will be shown.
  • You can show your site on top of search results without SEO with the Google Adwords.
  • Google Adwords helps in remarketing. If someone has shown interest but hasn’t bought any product, then ads will be shown to them.
  • You can vary your budget on Google Adwords.
  • You can target people of specific language according to your product with Google Adwords.

In this way, we have shared with you Google Adwords benefits. If you have any difficulties about  “What Is Google Adwords? How Does Google Adwords work?”, you can ask in the comment section. And don’t forget to share this article on social media.

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