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Install WordPress on Hostgator Hosting

Hello Friends! In this post, I will tell you how to install WordPress on Hostgator hosting. It is step by step guide for a newbie. If you already purchased Hostgator hosting and domain name then follows this article otherwise follow this link- Hostgator has a c-panel to manage your domain and hosting, on which we can install WordPress. It is very easy and by following this post you can easily install WordPress on Hostgator Hosting.

Why should not we use free web hosting

How to Install WordPress on Hostgator Hosting?

How to Install WordPress on Hostgator Hosting

After purchasing hosting on Hostgator, the first thing to do is to point the domain to hosting.

Step- 1

So let’s start, now go to manage.hostgator.in and log in to your hosting login details.

  • Manage Order >>List/Search Orders

How to Install WordPress on Hostgator Hosting


Step- 2

  • Click on Manage Web Hosting.

How to Install WordPress on Hostgator Hosting

Step- 3

  • Now the c-panel will open in new popup windows.

How to Install WordPress on Hostgator Hosting

 Step- 4

  • scroll down to the bottom and go to “Softaculous apps installer”.
  • click on the option of WordPress.

How to Install WordPress on Hostgator Hosting

 Step- 5

  • After clicking on WordPress, you are reaching on the WordPress installation forum where you have to set basic settings.

How to Install WordPress on Hostgator Hosting

 Step- 6

  • After clicking on install, the WordPress blog install page will be open and fill with the correct information.

1- Choose Protocol: Here you have to decide that the blog is open with www or without www. I will suggest that the short domain is better so it will remain without www.

2- Choose Domain: Select the domain on which you want to install WordPress blog.

3- In Directory: There will be wp in it, I will advise you to remove it. Because this will open your blog. For example, .comwp so remove wp to open from example.com.

4- Site Name: Name of your wordpress site.

5- Site Description: Write 4-5 words about the blog (you can also change the website name and website description later).

How to Install WordPress on Hostgator Hosting

Step- 7

  • Admin Account Setting:

1- Username: Select Blog Username
2- Password: Select strong password.
3- Email: The e-mail you want to manage WordPress blog, fill it with the email address.   Remember this email address after installing the WordPress blog for verification.

How to Install WordPress on Hostgator Hosting

Step- 8

Advanced Options: Click on the Advice option and set it according to the below image, remembering the email installation details which is filled in email address because query comes with the details of installing a WordPress blog on this email.

1-Tick in front of an auto upgrade.

2-Select once a day in front of automatic backups.

3-Enter your email address.

4-Finally click on Install.

How to Install WordPress on Hostgator Hosting

Once you click on install than your blog will start to be installed; it can take 1-3 minutes. Once the installation is completed,a message will be sent to your email id and it will contain the admin details of your WordPress blog.

To open the dashboard of your blog right now open the “Your domain name.com/wp-admin” link in the browser and log in to log in with the username and password you chose when you installed the WordPress blog.

Now you have installed WordPress blog on Hostgator hosting. We will talk about details in the new post about what to do next. Now you have to ask any other questions about WordPress registration or if you have any problem understanding this post. If you like this article tell me in a comment box. Please share it with all your friends on social media so that you can help someone else because of you.

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