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How to Optimize SEO Meta Title and Meta Description

If you are a blogger then you would know that it is not easy to get traffic to your website. You would have to completely optimize Yoast SEO Meta title and description for your blogs and provide quality contents in it. In this blog, we are going to discuss a very important topic regarding SEO with you. When it comes to On Page SEO then two things are very important Meta Title and Meta Description.

In On-Page SEO, we do full optimization in the existing content and page with the help of appropriate keyword density, out linking, internal linking, heading tags, formatting, media etc. Yoast Meta Title and Description are part of this.

First of all, let us know about Meta Title and Description.

See the screenshot below.

seo meta title and meta description 1

When we search any keyword in Google, then it shows links to different websites. When we Googled ‘On Page SEO Tips’ then Google showed a post of KBDIndia.com. In the result, the Blue words are Meta Title and description below it is Meta Description.

Now you are going to question that Meta Title is just the title of the post. The answer is yes, if you have not set Meta Title individually in the Meta Title Tag then Google would show your post’s title. But, if you have set Meta Title and Description individually for your post then Google would show it as a preference. This happens not only with Google but all the search engines.

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How to optimize Meta Title and Description?

As we have discussed till now that if you haven’t set Meta Title and Description individually then Google would just take default title and any piece of text from your post and show it in the search results according to the searched keywords.

But with SEO Optimization by setting Meta Title and Description individually for the posts we make sure that Google shows it in the search results. By doing this we can include keywords in the description and improve our overall ranking in the searches.

Now let us discuss how to set the Meta Title and Description.  We would recommend installing and activating Yoast plugin.

After installing the Yoast plugin set it up. Now is the time of Meta title and description optimization. At the time of editing, Yoast SEO provides WordPress Post Editor on the same page an individual box as seen in the screenshot below.

seo meta title and description 2

You just have to enter your Focus Keyword in the field of focus keyword and this will analyse how much the post is optimized. But, if you only want to set Meta Title and Meta Description then you can do that as well.

To edit Meta Title you just have to click on the Blue Colored Title, then Meta Title Field will open then you can write Meta Title accordingly. You can do the same process for Meta Description by clicking on its field and set the description.

The following screenshot will make it clearer.

seo meta title and description 3

Now you can SEO Optimize the Meta Title and Description by following the guidelines given below:

  • The main keyword should be used in both Meta Title and Meta Description.
  • Don’t do Keyword stuffing, keep it natural. The description should be appealing so that more readers can visit your blogs.
  • The Meta Title and Meta Description have a fixed length. If it is more than this then Google would not be able to show it completely. Yoast helps in this by indicating it in Green line and Redline.
  • Try to keep the Keyword in front in Meta Title.

In short, Meta Title and Meta Description help to attract visitors to your blogs. If done correctly then it increases the traffic to your website.

These were few tips regarding Meta Title and Meta Description. If you know more tips feel free to share with us and others in our comment section and don’t forget to check out our other articles.

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