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How To Promote Your Blog Post After Publishing

If you are a blogger and you are continuing blogging. But the traffic on your blog is only nominal, so this post “How to promote your blog post after publishing” is very important for you. Traffic is essential for every blogger. Writing good posts is not the only way to increase traffic. You should promote your blog post after you write it. In this post, the methods of promoting a blog post are described. By following these methods, you can increase the traffic to your blog by 50%.

After writing a post on your blog, you share it on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. But there is a lot of places where you can share the post of your site. Here we will tell you how to promote your blog post.

how to promote your blog

1. Social Networking Sites

[A] Google Plus

Google + is the best way to reach out to people. About 80% of people use Google Plus after Facebook. That’s why for blogger it is the second number of the market after Facebook. Blogger has been able to share an automated post on Google+.

1. Google Community

On Google+, you can create a separate community for your site like the Facebook page. After creating community, share your new blog post in it. This will become a library of your site in which you have all the shared posts. This will make the visitor very easy to know your site.

[B] Facebook

Facebook is a popular social networking site from the last 10 years. You can also promote your blog post with its help. The good thing is that you can create a page or group on Facebook and share your blog post in it. On Facebook, when someone likes or comments on your post, all his friends will get this information.

1. Facebook Page

Create a Facebook page by the name of your blog and share every new post in it. Numerous people like your Facebook page. You can ask all your friends and their friends to like this page.

2. Facebook Group

Create a separate group for your site. Add your friends to it and speak to add others too. Share in your site’s post group. When you share the post in this group, every member of this group will receive notification of this.

[C] Add URL to Profile

Must add links to your website in your profile. So when a visitor checks your profile, then it will get a link to your site.

[D] Twitter

Twitter is also becoming a top social network like Facebook today. You may also share your site’s post on this. Tweet the title of the post and link. Because we can not share more than 140 words on Twitter.

[E]. Pinterest

You can increase the traffic to your blog by sharing photos of your blog on Pinterest. If you use good photos made of your own blog, then I will recommend that you use Pinterest.

[F]. Linkedin

People who use LinkedIn. And want to read your post on LinkedIn. For them, you share the blog post on Linkedin and try to make your audience attractive.

2. Email Newsletter

This is a great way to promote a blog post. Create an email service for your blog. And ask your Visitors to subscribe. With this, whenever you add a new post to the blog, every subscriber will receive a new post notification. With the help of this email newsletter, the old visitor comes back to your site. If you have not used the email newsletter, use it now.

3. Youtube

YouTube is Google’s service that first shows results in Google. If you want to increase traffic to your blog then you should make a video of every post on your site and upload it to YouTube. This will make you two things. One will be the promotion of your site. Second, you can earn money by making a video of your site’s posts on YouTube.

4. Quora

You can promote your site by sharing your site’s post on it. When responding to people’s questions on Quora, add a link to your site and ask them to come to the site. When someone quizzes, he will see your post. If you want to increase the traffic to your site, then you must use it.

5. Guest Post

Yes, you can ask a legitimate blogger to share the post of your site. If he likes your method, he will share your post. With this, you can easily get enough visitors. So you definitely share your guest post on a popular blog.

By following the steps mentioned in this post, you can increase your blog’s traffic well. If you need any information relating to Blogger or the Internet, you can post your concerns in the comments.

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