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How to use Computer Keyboard’s Function Keys (F1 to F12) like a Pro

Windows most common keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V are used to copy and paste respectively, this is known by all. But do you know about the uses of Function Keys (F1 to F12)? Don’t worry we are going to explain in detail about their uses in day to day life for you.

Function keys

Most of the users use computer keyboard shortcuts in their day to day work. But, mostly we don’t use the function keys F1 – F12 because of not knowing much about them. But by using the F1 to F12 function keys, you can become more efficient in your work. There are many shortcuts which can be used. Most people use windows computer in their life, by knowing these shortcuts your life will become much simpler.

Lets us know their use:

F1 Key – Bring up Help Center.

This key can be used to open a help centre in different applications. When you press the key it opens Microsoft Windows Help centre in an internet browser. F1 key shortcuts can be used in 3 different ways.

  1. Open Help Center. It opens help centre of different help centre for different applications. For example, if you are using MS Office and you press this button then it opens help centre for MS Office.
  2. Open Microsoft Windows Help Center: To open the Microsoft Windows 10 and other windows help centre press Windows key + F1.
  3. Open Task Pane: By pressing Ctrl + F1 you can open Task Pane.

F2 Key – Rename Selected File or Folder

Function Key F2 is used in Windows Computer to rename the highlighted Icon, File, Folder and all programs.

  1. Rename File/ Folder: For renaming any programs quickly just select the F2 key.
  2. Alt + Shift + F2: To open the document windows in Microsoft.
  3. Ctrl + F2: To view the print preview in Microsoft Word.

F3 Key – Open Search Box

Function Key F3 is used to open a search box. You can search any text in Microsoft Office or browsers with the help of an F3 key.

  1. Search in Windows: To search any application in Windows.
  2. Search in Browser: To search text in the browser.
  3. Shift + F3: To change the text in Microsoft Word.
  4. Windows Key + F3: To open the Windows advanced search box.

Generally, we use Ctrl + F for searching but the F3 key makes it easier.

F4 Key-Close Application:

Function Key F4 is used to close any application or to shut down the device. It is also used in Windows XP to open the search box.

  1. Ctrl + F4: To close the single application use Ctrl + F4.
  2. Alt + F4: To shut down the Windows, Restart, Sign out, sleep, Switch User or to close all programs.
  3. Open Address Bar: To open the address bar in Windows Explorer and browsers.

F5 Key – Refresh or Reload:

Function Key F5 is used to refresh the page or windows document to reload. You can also refresh the page in internet browser by pressing the F5 keys.

  1. Refresh or Reload: It can be used in all modern internet browsers to refresh the page.
  2. Ctrl+ F5: To completely clear the cache and reload the page in browsers.
  3. To refresh the Content folder list.
  4. In Microsoft Word, it is used to replace and Go.
  5. To start the Slideshow in PowerPoint.

F6 Key – Move Cursor on Address Bar

Function Key F6 is used to move the mouse cursor in the Address bar in all the browsers. It is used in laptops to decrease the volume.

  1. To move the mouse cursor in the address bar in browsers.
  2. Ctrl + Shift + F6: To open another document in Microsoft word.
  3. To decrease the volume of

F7 Key – Spell Check and Grammar Check

Function Key F7 is used generally in Microsoft programs like Microsoft Word, Outlook, MS Excel, and PowerPoint etc. to check the spelling and grammar. It is used to increase the speaker’s volume in laptops.

  1. To check spelling and grammar in Microsoft Word.
  2. To increase the speaker volume in laptops.
  3. To turn-on private browsing in Mozilla Firefox.

F8 Key – Extend Selection (MS Office)

Function Key F8 is used to Extend Selection in MS Office and to open the computer in safe mode.  It is also used to select texts in MS Word.

  1. Open Safe Mode: To open computer or laptop in safe mode at the time of power on.
  2. For Windows Start-up menu, Windows Recovery System, and Windows Installation DVD.

F9 Key – Update Fields (MS Office)

Function Key F9 is used in Microsoft Word to refresh the file and to send or receive emails in MS Outlook. It is used to decrease the brightness of laptops.

  1. To refresh the Microsoft Word document.
  2. To send and receive emails in Microsoft Outlook.
  3. To open the measurements toolbar in Quark 5.0.
  4. To decrease the brightness in some laptops.

F10 Key – Highlight the Menu Bar

Function Key F10 is used in MS Word/ Excel to highlight the open application menu bar. It is used in some laptops to increase the brightness.

  1. To highlight the menu bar in Microsoft Word.
  2. To highlight Icon, File, and Internet link by pressing Shift + F10. It is like pressing the right mouse button.
  3. To increase the brightness of some laptops.
  4. In Microsoft Word/ Excel it is used to restore windows.

F11 Key – Switch between Full-Screen Mode and Normal Mode

Function Key F11 is used to make internet browsers full-screen mode or normal mode.

  1. All modern internet browsers can be made full-screen mode or normal mode with the F11 key.
  2. Ctrl + F11 key is used to go to hidden recovery partition in Dell and Lenovo laptops.

F12 Key – Open Save as Dialog

Function Key F12 is used to save MS Office documents. It is used in modern browsers to open developer tools.

  1. To save Microsoft Word documents.
  2. Ctrl + F12: To open the document in MS Word.
  3. Shift + F12: To save the document in MS Word/ Excel. It is like pressing Ctrl + S.
  4. Ctrl+Shift+F12: To print documents in MS Word.
  5. To open the Developer Tools in Google Chrome.
  6. To access the computer bootable devices at the start-up.

So these were the uses of Function Keys F1 to F12. By using these keys you can become more efficient in your work. Tips and tutorials like these will help you become better. For more tips visit our blogs regularly and don’t forget to comment if you know more such shortcuts.

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