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6 Major Investments Which Can Enhance Your Blogging Career

Do you know about the major investments which can enhance your blogging career? In this article we will explain about domain name, Web hosting, Premium Themes, Premium Tools And Plugins.

You would have read many articles about how to become a professional blogger. You would have also known what to write and read many articles on SEO. We know money is precious, so if you have to invest in some tools they would have to be enhance your blogging career. You should get a good return on investment.

major investments which can enhance your blogging career

1- Domain Name

Domain Name is the first investment which every blogger should invest in. The free blogging platforms which provide subdomains with your blog have lost their importance in today’s modern world. They are not much use to gain traffic with modern algorithms of the search engines. So, if you want to make name for yourself in the blogging world then, you should start with getting a good domain name. If you think that the domain name is an expensive investment, then you are far from the truth. There are many good domain names available for inexpensive prices.

If you purchase directly from domain name registrar like Godaddy, Namecheap then that can be somewhat expensive than usual. But, you can always use discount coupons and offers, which comes out from time to time. If you purchase domain name then you can use that on many free blogging platforms like Blogger.

2- Web Hosting

Web Hosting is the next requirement. As we have discussed above that you can use your domain name on any free blogging platform like Blogger. But, there are many limitations attached to it. If you want to blog professionally and earn decent money from it, then you should use the premium platform of WordPress. WordPress is free in itself, but you need web hosting to use it. That’s why web hosting is the second major investment.

If you use WordPress, then there are tons of resources available to you for free.

The two investments explained above are more than enough if you are just starting your blogging career. But, if your budget allows, then you can invest in some more tools which can make your blogging path little bit easier.

What to invest in, if money is not an issue?

3- Premium Themes

As we have discussed that you need WordPress to make a good impression as a professional blogger. And then, you will need themes to go with your blog. There are many good themes which are available for free, but they are not entirely customizable. If your budget allows, then you can invest in good quality premium theme, which will give your blog a professional look and feel.

4- Premium Tools and Plugins

The power of WordPress lies in the many plugins available, which can be used with it. There are tons of free plugins available which are quite helpful. But, there are also many premium plugins which are available which are quite powerful. They can help you in keyword research, blog analysis, and increasing traffic. You can invest in such tools.

5- Hire Content Writers and Developers

If you are quite a busy person, who we hope you are or you are somewhat technologically challenged or for any other reason you are not able to write content. Then, you can hire freelancers to write contents for you. There is much other important stuff which can be taken care of by developers like theme customization, video editing, and SEO.

6- Advertising And Building Brand

If your goal is to make a brand name of your blog, then you can use advertising. There are many advertising and brand building companies available. Facebook is one such company which you can use and reach to a huge population. You can also use paid Facebook advertising. You should also make a name for yourself on other social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube etc.


The following table will make the points clearer:

BudgetWhat to invest in
No MoneyFree blogging platforms
Tight BudgetDomain Name and Web hosting
Medium BudgetDomain, Web Hosting, and Content Building
Stable BudgetDomain, Web Hosting, Content Building, Theme
Surplus BudgetAll of the above and premium tools, developers etc.


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