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Seo Myths- You Should Never Follow 2018 Edition

Every day new SEO myth is born; unfortunately, not every day does an old SEO myth die off. The net result is a growing population of myths. If you are a blogger then you would have known about the difficulties about getting traffic on your website. You may know SEO myths to get traffic to your website. You would have researched and read about this on different sites and blogs and got to know about it. But, some information is totally contradictory to each other. This might have confused you. Which information is useful and which is useless depends on your experience and discretion.

Seo Myth About Your Blog

Come walk through this blog with us to get rid of all those myths about SEO.

So, let us bust those myths which we have heard from different people and sites.

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1- SEO Myth – Meta Tags does not matter

This is first SEO Myth. There used to be a time in which search engine rankings were totally based on the meta tags like meta title, meta description, and tags. But, that time was quite a long time ago. With the advancement in technology, search engines abilities have increased dramatically. Now, they have started ranking more on quality of content and according to the need of the users. There will many who would say to completely ditch the Meta tags.

But, this will be quite bad advice. The meta tags may have lost some importance but they are still very important. So, advice will be to use meta tags in your every post.

2- You will get traffic by just using a .com domain

This is a giant SEO myth which needs to be busted. This rumour has been spread by many sites and blogs over a long period of time. They say, just use a .com domain and you will get automatic traffic. If you will use any other domain name, then it will be impossible to get traffic.

This is a complete SEO myth.

The domain extension and traffic dependence is just a SEO myth. There used to be a time when only .com domain name was present, so most of the sites are in this domain. But, in today’s world, many domain name extensions are available to the bloggers like .in, .co., .uk. etc.

For country-specific websites like those in Hindi or other native languages .in domains are better than .com.

3- Backlinking and Internal Linking does not matter

There are many people who like to give long advice about content and they will also say that backlinking and internal linking does not matter. They will say things like content is king. We are not denying the value of content but, we would like to add that, if you use natural methods for internal linking and backlinking then it will benefit your content. This is one method to improve the quality of your content.

4- The newest content always rank up – Big SEO Myth

As time goes on the content becomes obsolete, and new content is needed. For example, someone’s blog is 3 years old and is ranking number 1, then it does not mean that you can replace it overnight by writing new content.

There are many factors which are needed to rank your blog of which new content is just one of the factor. So, just by writing new content you cannot rank your blog.

5- By hiring SEO agency your blog ranking will improve dramatically

This SEO myth has been spread by marketing media which is dependent on product marketing. If you just hire any SEO Agency then your ranking will improve overnight. There are many agencies which do not do anything and charge the user. As this is a long time process the user is unable to verify that the work has been done by the agency or the ranking has naturally improved. We are not saying that all the SEO Agencies are fake, we are just trying to warn you. Do your research before hiring any such agency.

6- Guest blogging does not affect anything

For SEO many people use illegal methods like a black hat by irrelevant blogs on guest posting and generate spam backlinks. For genuine bloggers it sometimes becomes difficult. They start to think that if they will post on other blogs then it will also become spam or threat. And, they cannot get the benefit of guest posting.

It does not work like this if you are doing posting naturally in guest posting and it will surely benefit you.

7- Keyword research is just a waste of your precious time.

Many bloggers just write whatever comes to mind about any topic.  They do not research the keywords. After writing the blog, they wonder why they are unable to get traffic. Think about it this way, if you are selling an item which is not needed by anyone, then how will you be able to sell it. It is like selling non-veg food to a vegetarian.

Before writing any blog do some research about the keywords which people are searching. Write about the trending topics. It will save effort and time in the long run.

8- Paid Search will improve your ranking overnight

Many Digital Marketers are telling nowadays to use paid campaigns to get the ranking improvement. They are even saying that if you use Google Advertise then Google will improve your ranking. It is like bribing Google to make a case for you. Google algorithms are very good and its machine learning is very smart. Google only shows the best relevant search results. If you use paid campaigns then you will not get any benefit in organic search.

9- More content length equals more traffic

Content length is one important factor for SEO. But, it is not the sole factor. The quality of the content is one major factor. Just by writing long contents you cannot get traffic.

10- Social Media Sharing Does Not Matter

When people think about SEO, generally they do not think about social media shares. This is a big mistake.

The more share your article gets, more people can know about it. You can get more traffic to your site. It’s free and organic advertising for your site. You should always keep sharing option in your posts, so you can reach to more people.

We hope that this blog has busted some myths for you. Please share this blog on social media so more people can know about these SEO Myths. If you know more SEO myths or have any questions, you can reach to us in the comment section.

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Updated: 2018-04-09 — 5:39 PM

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