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4 New Tips for SmartPhones 2018

Do you know there are many features in your smartphones, and when activated can do many of your work automatically. Today’s smartphones have become really smart. They can track your location and activities and can process many works automatically. Here we are going to tell you some Tips and tricks for SmartPhones, after activating those, you don’t have to do many works manually every time.

4 New Tips And Tricks For SmartPhones 2018 Edition - kbdindia.com

There are many features in smartphones about which we don’t know or we feel like we don’t need them so we don’t try to know about them. You will be amazed by knowing the features discussed here.

Many times we need to be someplace where we have to turn our smartphone on silent or have to power off and we want that persons calling/messaging at that time to get the notification about it. Then, it can be done on our smartphone. Let us know about it.

4 Best Tips and tricks for SmartPhones

1- You can Lock/ Unlock

If you want to lock/ unlock your smartphone at some important place then you just have to change one setting on the phone by following the steps:

  • Go to your phone settings.
  • Go to Security>>Location and then just enable Smart Lock.
  • Here you just have to add in Trusted Places the location of the places you want the phone to be unlocked automatically.

After enabling the setting, the phone will be automatically unlocked at these places. You can follow the same steps to lock your phone.

2- Automatic Reply

Every phone has the automatic reply option. Like, I’m busy, I’m sleeping, I’m driving etc. But, do you know that the smartphone can reply automatically for you.

Like when you are driving, the phone will automatically reply the same message for you. You just have to activate the feature in phone setting.

If you are an iPhone user then you can activate the Do Not Disturb feature from setting. And, if you are an android user then go to Google Play Store and just download Android Auto app.

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3- Automatic Silent Mode turn on

We all get frustrated we are at some important place or in some meeting or doing some kind of deals with important clients/ customers and our phone rings and disrupt the ongoing discussion. This would have happened with many of us. Now, there is a solution for this annoying problem with the help of which the phone will automatically turn on silent mode.

You want the phone to become silent on important places; you just have to change one setting.

  • Go to your phone’s settings.
  • In Sound settings just activate the Do Not Disturb feature.

This feature works with the help of Google maps and Google Calendar.

And, if you are an iPhone user then to turn on the automatic silent mode click on the Do Not Disturb setting and switch on the Scheduled toggle.

4- Automatic back up of photos

We all have encountered issues when our precious photos and memories are lost when our phone is lost, gets damaged, gets stolen or gets broken. Now here is a solution for all such problems, so that you never have to face such issues.

Our smartphones can automatically backup all our photos. For this, just click on Google photos and go to settings. Here, just enable the backup option.

After doing this, the smartphone will make a backup of all your photos in Google Cloud. You get 15GB of free storage in it. If you want more space you just have to pay some amount.

These 4 tips and tricks for smartphones help to make your life little bit easier. If you know more of these tips, please share with us in the comment section and help to make life easier for the fellow readers.

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