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Top 10 Myths About SEO

If you are a blogger then you will always be struggling to get traffic to your blog or website. You know that to get traffic from Search Engine on your blog, your blog’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has to be done. So now you have many different SEO related blogs when you do research about ways to do this, you are told different things everywhere. Now what is right or not, it depends only on your own wisdom and experience.

There are some myths that mislead people about SEO without reason. Today, we will talk about such things in this article.

So let’s know, Top 10 Myths about SEO that we hear from different people.

Top 10 seo myths

1- Meta Tags do not matter

There was a time when the ranking of different sites in the Search Engine only relied on meta tags such as meta title, meta description, and tags. But as technology has advancements, search engines have started to rank sites according to the quality of the content and the needs of the people instead of the meta tags. In this way, many people will tell you that you have to quit using Meta tags.

But this would be a very bad advice. Whether the importance of meta tags is not as much as before, but still in today’s date, they do a lot of work. That’s why I would suggest you use meta tags in every post.

2- Taking only .com domain will bring traffic to your blog.

It is a very big myth and it is very important to burst it. Most blogs are suggested that you take only .com domain for your blog or website, and if you take another domain you will not get traffic on your blog. Not so at all.

Regardless of whether you take any domain extension, it does not have anything to do with search engine traffic. The domain extension means more to your customers or visitors. The thing is that you should take a domain name extension that can be easily remembered in people’s minds. Nowadays the thing is that the .com is settled in the minds of people. But this does not mean that traffic on other domain extensions such as .in, .co, .coffee etc. will not be available.

3- Backlinking or Internal linking does not matter.

Nowadays many people will give you very long suggestions about content, and also say that backlinking or internal linking does not matter because Content is the King. I agree that content is king but if you do internal linking and backlinking in a natural way, it is a plus point of the quality of your content. That’s why it is also a myth that you do not get any SEO benefit from backlinking or internal linking.

4- The content will be new, will rank above.

Things are being renewed, the content becomes obsolete, and there is a need for new content in place. Like someone’s blog content is 2-3 years old but is still ranking on the first number, it does not mean that if you just publish the new content and your content will ranks.

The blog which is ranked first, its content is outdated, but there are many factors that have more points to rank blog on the first number. That’s why new content will not rank above.

5- Hiring SEO Agency will increase your blog’s ranking

It is also a very big myth that if you hire any SEO agency to do SEO of your blog or website then your blog’s ranking will increase. It is not at all sure. Yes, I do not even say that you will not get the benefit. Some agencies are right, which helps your SEO on your blog. But SEO is a time consuming and long-serving process, so if you hire an SEO agency, you will not get any benefit. Hard work will still be yours.

6- Nothing happens with Guest Blogging

To do SEO, people also do many black hat ways like posting guest on irrelevant blogs, creating spam backlinks, etc. In such a situation, people who make proper natural backlinks by making guest blogging, in their minds it may be somewhere that if they do guest blogs, they may also be treated like spam and they may not have any benefit from them. If you do correctly posting guest in a natural way, you will definitely get benefits.

7- Doing research on Keyword does nothing

Many people do not do keyword research and write anything on their blog as content and think about why traffic is not coming on their blog. Now think of yourself if you write something on your blog that people are not searching, then where will the traffic on your blog come from?For this reason, let me tell you that Keyword Research is the first step in the content of SEO.

8- Ranking of your blog from Paid Search will also be good

A lot of Digital marketers will tell you that if you advertise through Google’s paid search campaigns such as Google Adwords, then the website you advertise will give search engine advantage and its ranking will also increase.

Do you seriously think Google will do this? Google says that people who want to see, show that thing. All the others will come behind them. In Google search results, only good results will show at any level that it decides from its algorithms. In this case, if you do pay campaigns, you will not get any organic search at all.

9- More traffic comes from lengthy content

Lengthy content is a plus point for SEO, but it does not mean that if you have lengthy content then you will be ranked first. Along with lengthy content, its quality and many other factors are matter. You will not be able to achieve anything by just writing lengthy content or by writing more posts.

10- Social Media Sharing Does Not Work

Now when you talk about bringing traffic from search engines, many people think that social media has nothing to do with it and social media sharing will not benefit from SEO. This is also a huge myth.

Let’s finally burst this myth too. Your blogs have more quality backlinks, the benefit is the same, the more social media shares, the benefit is also obtained and Social Media sharing is one of the major factors of the Search Engine Ranking. That is why you must make sure that you keep sharing options in your blog posts so your readers can share posts and signals can be strengthened on your social media.

So how do you think our article? Do not forget to share these myths with your blogger friends, on social media. (See, we also ask our readers to share articles on social media).  If you have any questions, please ask us.


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