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What is a website and its type

What is a website and its type?

Do you know what the website is and how many types of websites are there? There are so many questions that come to everyone’s mind nowadays. In this article, we will discuss all these things in detail.

Everyone have Mobile, Laptop and Tablet, probably you also have one of them. We do lot of work from them, like playing games, listening songs, watching movies. You do not need any Internet to do this work. But some other tasks like email sending, online shopping, searching information and doing online business, online movie ticket, train ticket, hotel book are all important for the internet.

Nowadays we can do all the work from the internet. I mean we all depend on any website for all those tasks that are online, you search the internet for any kind of information, and you get information on some websites

The person who gives you information on the internet is the owner of the website. A website can have more than one owner. There are different types of websites on the internet. Many web pages are on a website, why there is a delay in learning something new, let’s start now What is a website?


Website and its type

What is a website?

The collections of so many Web pages are known as Websites. It can also be said that a website or site is a place where many web pages are kept. Every web page has some information. Like you are also on the page of a website that has the information about “what the website is”. And this webpage is only part of our website whose name is kbdindia.com (http://kbdindia.com). When you click on the next page of our page, a new page will open, which is also a webpage.

We use an application or software to open the website which we call web browser EX-Google chrome, Opera Mini, UC Browser. If you do not understand, then read this example – will remove all your doubts. As I said, http://kbdindia.com is the website and on the Home page of this site, you will see many posts. They are addressed/link to the different webpage. Every page contains some information. Now read this sentence “Collections of Many Webpages are called Websites”. You must have understood now.

Website related words

To understand today’s subject well enough, you should be aware of these words.

Static web page

Static web page By its name, you can understand that it is a page where not all pages change, they remain static. Nobody can change them. These static web pages are the same for every new and old user. These pages look similar to everyone, but there are some sites, such as Facebook.com, whose content of the page changes all the time, and different web pages for different users.
Here are some examples of some static webpage: EX- About us page and contact us page. Now you have understood the static page.

Dynamic web page

If you understand the static web page, you will understand it very easily because dynamic web page content changes, this means that the page that opens for you will be something else for me. When I log in to Facebook, then my page will be quite different from your Facebook page.

Dynamic means that the page often changes. Similarly, every web page of shopping sites also changes for each user. Because you will search something different and I have something else. This is an example of the dynamic webpage. If you want to design your website of your choice, you have to learn PHP.

Home Page

The first page of the website is called Homepage or when you visit a website, the page that opens is called Home Page. Ex: http://kbdindia.com after clicking on this link, the page which opens will be called the Home Page of this Site. This page resides in the root directory of the website. This page also contains all the files index.html, index.htm, index.shtml, index.php, default.html and home.html

Search Engine

Search Engine is a program. Or it can be said that it is a web program that users who search the information or question on Internet from an unlimited database of the Internet. In relation to this, the information that the Search Engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing) finds, appears on the Search Result page. Just like Google does. Every query is searched on the world wide web.

Web Address / URL

The full form of the URL is Uniform Resource Locator. This is a formatted text string used in Web Browser, email clients, or any other software to search for a Network Resource. Network Resource can be any files such as Web Pages, Text Document, Graphics or Programs.


A domain name only tells the name of your website. Through this, only people can access the website, this is the identity of the website. The name of the website can be written by Letter and Number only. Domain name is used to identify one or more IP addresses. Like Microsoft.com, this is a domain name, so you all know it. The domain name is written in the URL to identify a specified webpage.

“http://kbdindia.com/about” If you look at this URL, kbdindia.com is a domain name.

At the end of each blog/website you might have seen a name separately. Com, .in, .org, .net represent all top-level domains. Now let’s consider some examples.
.gov – Government Agencies
.Edu – Educational Institutions
.org – Organization (non-profit)
.mil – Military
.com – Commercial Business
.NET – Network Organization
.in- In India
.CA – Canada
.th – Thailand

Types of Websites

Every day you use the Internet to get some information and open many types of blogs or websites. There are some search engines, information sites, social sites, forums and many types of websites. Now let us know about them in detail.

Search Engine and Portals

These are the sites you will have to search for this article. This is the site which is used by more than 1 billion people every day. Some of those names are EX-Google, Yahoo, Bing. If anyone wants any type of information in the world, you will get the information from these sites.

Google has information about other websites already, because of which you search anything on Google, you get a list of sites with accurate results. Some people have Google Default Search Engine in their browser. Like a Google Search Engine in Chrome Browser. Or you can go to Setting and also set the Default Search website. Some search engines have more than one portal such as News, Email Whose names are Yahoo, MSN.

Information website

This type of website provides information to people

They can also take some money for it, or they can give them free of cost. These sites provide information about any company or industry. These websites have information about these categories – TV guides, games, Includes weather, reference material and stock data.

Personal Website / Blog

Creating a website in the 21st Century is not a rocket science but for some people, this is a big deal because those who do not have computer and internet knowledge at all. Today, making a personal blog has become fashionable and personal websites and blogs are growing very fast on the internet. What types of information will be kept in these blogs, it depends on all bloggers. As you are on the website/blog, this category comes to you and our site www.kbdindia.com.

This blog contains information about the Internet, technology, computer, SEO, Blogging, Motivation. If you want to create your website, then you can create your own website from Blogger.com, wix.com. With this, Free Template, Free Hosting is also available.

Blogs and online diaries

If you write Diaries and your answer is “yes” then you do not have to worry. If your Dairy is done online then you can call it Blog. Where you can write your favourite information. You need to sign up for any one of these blogs: Blogger.com and Windows Live Space (Microsoft). In these two sites, you will find different types of tools, from which you can design your blog.

In the already existing sites, you can easily manage your blog by installing Blogging Software and WordPress. You can do your thinking and words online in a moment. One important thing is that you can earn money too.*

It is very easy to create and manage Blogs. If you learn, then you also earn a lot from Blogs today. With the help of these bloggers, all the information of the world is available online today.

Company websites

Nowadays, every company has a website, which contains information about some pages like Company name, Services, Contact us page, About Us Page, Homepage. The Internet is now open to everyone market where people search for everything. That’s why small companies also make their own site.


This is an online forum where people ask questions and discuss any topic. This is a way where people solve each problem by talking to each other. These Sites are also called Question and Answer Site. If you search on the internet, you will find many Forum sites. Where you have to register. If there is any question in your mind then you can also ask for it. If you have any information on any topic, then you can help people by answering those questions.

On the Forum site, you can discuss many different topics. Quora is a very big online forum site. Where millions of people join together to answer the questions of the people. My advice is to visit any Forum Site and share your knowledge with the people. If you wish, you can create a forum site yourself.

Online Shops and Auctions websites

The web is mainly used for communication and information search. But today there are many companies where people sell their goods online. If you make a Unique Product you can also sell them online. The names of those online sites are Amazon.com, Flipkart.com, Amazon.in and Snapdeal.com. They fall into the category of shopping Site. In today’s world, the world is buying fast online goods. You can not think of how much goods will be sold online in a day.

Social Networking

Almost everyone knows the names of the websites coming in this category. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn These are all a social site. The Internet user first goes to the Search Engine or Social site. Every day a person spends more than 2 hours on the Social Site. 100 Crore People are active throughout the day on these social sites. The popularity of these sites is increasing day by day. The world’s most beloved social sites are facebook.

My last opinion on this article

So today we learned “What is a website and its type”. We have also discussed the related words in detail. You do not know 1 new website is being created every single minute. In the future, you will get all the information on Internet, which is not yet.

If you want to ask any questions now, then write in the comment box. And if you want to give any suggestion, please give us what we can do something new for you. If you have not subscribed to our blog yet, please subscribe.


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