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Why celebrate Valentine’s Day? What is the history of Valentine’s Day?

Why celebrate Valentine’s Day? What is the history of Valentine’s Day?

Do you want to know why we celebrate Valentine’s Day, and what is the history of Valentine’s Day, this is the right post for you? Our country India is considered to be a country of festivals, because here all people celebrate all the festivals together, such as Holi, Diwali, Id, Christmas, etc. All types of festivals are celebrated in India. Behind all those festivals, there is a true story written on the pages of history.

There is another day which is known as Valentine’s Day. On this day we also know love day and February month of every year is called the month of love. But have you ever thought that on February 14, why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day? There is a story behind this day. Today I will tell you the story, why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day and what is the history of this day?

celebrate Valentine's Day

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Why celebrate Valentine’s Day? 

Valentine’s Day is named after a person whose name was Valentine. The beginning of the story of this love day is not full of love. This story is about a rogue encounter between an evil king and the merciful Saint Valentine. This day begins with Rome’s third century where there was a tyrannical king named Claudius. The king of Rome believed that a single soldier could become a proper and influential soldier for a war against a married soldier, because the married couple is worried just about the fact that after his death, what will happen to the family and with this concern, he is unable to pay full attention to the war. With this thinking, Claudius King declared that no soldier in his kingdom would marry and whoever violated this order, he would be severely punished.

All the soldiers were unhappy with this decision of the king and they also knew that this decision is wrong, but no one dared to disobey him because of the king’s fear and was compelled to follow his command. But Saint Valentine of Rome was not fully supported by this injustice, so he hid from the king and helped the young soldiers and got married to them and started marrying them. All the soldiers who wanted to marry his girlfriend would go to ask for help near the valentine and Valentine used to help them and get them married. Similarly, Valentine had secretly married many soldiers.

About this work of Valentine, the news reached the ears of King Claudius. Valentine did not follow King’s order, so King sentenced Valentine to a death sentence and he was put in jail.

History of Valentine’s Day

Valentine inside the prison was waiting for the date of his death and one day the jailor came to him whose name was Asterius. The people of Rome thought that Valentine had a divine power that could liberate people from diseases. Asterius had a blind daughter, and the jailer knew about the magical power settled in the valentine. So he went to the Valentine & said that to cure his daughter’s eyesight with his divine power. Valentine was a good-hearted man and he used to help everyone, so he also helped the jailor, and cured blind daughter’s eyes with his power.

Since that day there was a friendship between Valentine and Asterius’s daughter and they did not know when that friendship turned into love. Asterius’s daughter was deeply shocked by thinking that Valentine’s death was about to happen. And finally, that day was on February 14, the day Valentin was going to be hanged. Before his death, Valentine asked for a pen and paper from the jailor and in that paper, he wrote a goodbye to the jailor’s daughter, at the end of the page, he wrote “Your Valentine”, these are the words that people still remember.

Because of this sacrifice of Valentine, on 14th February it was named after him and on this day all the loved ones in the world remember Valentine and share the love with each other. On this day, all loving people express their love by giving flowers, gifts and chocolates to their beloved girlfriend.
Valentine Week

Here is some information about the history of Valentine’s Day. Seven days before the celebration of Valentine’s Day, love begins and people celebrate their love in different ways every day. I am presenting the list of those seven days in front of you

February 7 – Rose Day
8 February – Propose Day
9 February – Chocolate Day
February 10 – Teddy Day
11 February – Promise Day
12 February – Hug Day
13 February – Kiss Day
14 February – Valentine’s Day

I hope you liked this article “Why Celebrate Valentine’s Day”? So friends, if you want someone very much, then express your love for this valentine’s day and celebrate this day with everyone.

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